Designer: Klint, Kaare
    Year: 1914
    Price:   4.303,00 €

Widely regarded as the first Danish modern design classic, the Faaborg Chair ushered in a new era for Danish design, creating a foundation for the Danish Modern phenomenon that emerged onto the global stage in the 1950s. The young Klint meticulously considered every aspect of the Faaborg Chair to ensure it fulfilled its intended function, arriving at a light and portable solution that allowed museum visitors to position the chair before artworks they wished to study in greater detail. The Faaborg Chair's unadorned design and the unity between its structure, materials and function set it apart from its predecessors while showcasing Klint's traditional design values and modern approach.

The chair is crafted from solid wood and features handwoven French canework on the rounded backrest. Our price is for frame oak soaped, seat leather B, w 70 d 54,5 h 73 sh 44 cm (other versions – request please).

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