1. Planting pot / vase opera

    Designer: Kistner
    Year: 2011
    Price:   159,00 €
opera ... provides a spectacular accent in your garden. the innovative solution of an elegant raised bed is a flowerpot and a garden sculpture in one. the planting tube is made of brushed stainless steel implanted directly into the ground, causing the roots of the plants get the moisture from the soil. additionally for plants with high water requirements the wick system can increase the water supply. the polished surfaces in the interior of the funnel are creating festive bright lights. with the optional safety-burning insert with leak protection (more price: 59,00 €) opera will be your garden torch whose flame is beautifully reflected in the polished funnel. surface: satin exterior / interior polished (visible section), Ø 9 / 28 h 100 cm.

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